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Transformation GEMS Women Entrepreneur Empowerment Training

Lansing , MI


Transformation GEMS for Women, 18 and Above (Gifted Entrepreneurs with Millionaire Status) The model is created to build a strategic legacy in families and the community for multiple generations. The framework is a bridge for decreasing the gap and eliminating the barriers for the church, government and community resources. The outcome delivers a culture that understands and respects the values and differences of individual ideologies. The overall mission of the organization is to empower women to create systems, legacies and to become recession proof by starting, accelerating or to consider owning a business. My goal is to create a global movement across communities by developing champions within each and every community who is compelled to identify the needs and implement the resources to deliver a Our Mission is to develop, educate, empower and support women entrepreneurs to start and grow businesses in their communities to make an impact while giving back, creating jobs and building legacies. The Kaufman Fastrac entrepreneur program is open for men and women. The program covers: Ideate, Position, Commit, Refine and Launch In addition, the program has some customized programs available for individuals and groups. For more details email

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