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YOU HAVE AN IDEA FOR A BUSINESS - NOW WHAT?  It all begins with an idea.  Ideas are like SEEDS that have to germinate.  At first glance a seed appears to be just a small simple thing, but inside is pure potential.  Just like a seed, an idea needs to go from a dormant state to an active, growing state...this is called germination.  Successful idea germination is dependent on certain conditions being met that are, both, internal and external.  Venture Call is like a hydroponic farm for enterprising ideas.  Surely some seed ideas can mature entirely on their own in nature, but some seed ideas are better cultivated in a safe, more controlled environment until they can thrive on their own.  THE BUSINESS CLINIC is a workshop format that Venture Call uses to deliver guest speakers, live examples, interactive sessions and the Kauffman FastTracĀ® curriculum to people who want to examine the potential of their ideas.  TESTING YOUR IDEA is a 3-hour introductory workshop designed to help you assess your entrepreneurial traits and personal priorities that determine the eventual success of activating your idea.  This session is not just for someone who is thinking about starting their own business, but would include anyone wrestling with any kind of enterprising idea that needs germinating (taking root, and eventually producing fruit.)  If you represent a non-profit organization, an existing business that is need of a fresh reboot or if you are just an interested individual - this small investment of time may reap exponentially great rewards.  Cost for this event is $40/person ($25 for students & active -duty military) which includes a lunch.  Payment can be made at
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    February 10, 2018
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    February 10, 2018
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    February 10, 2018