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YOU HAVE AN IDEA  - NOW WHAT?  Is it just a one-time thought or is it a recurring notion, sense or feeling upon which you should take action?   Has anyone ever said to you after they became aware of a new company or product that successfully came to market, "I thought of that exact same thing 5 years ago!"  This, of course, implies that they could have been the reaper of all the rewards of this new idea.  Nothing is farther from the truth!  They never took action toward fulfilling that dream.  In fact, it was likely just a one-time thought.  Opportunities are only fully realized when someone is brave enough to step into the unknowns to act upon their recurring notions, senses or feelings.

Whether you have an idea for a business, a program, a product, a life change - or whatever - we usually come to the question:  Is it even possible?  Largely, we take an inventory of our own capabilities and our resources.  If the idea is too big to fall within the framework of our "knowns", we usually abandon the idea.  What would happen if you engaged in a guided process to think through the possibilities with other aspiring dreamers?  Would that help you sort out your fears of the "unknowns" so that you could make a rational decision about investing your time, talents and treasures into your new enterprise?
THE BUSINESS CLINIC is a workshop format that Venture Call uses to deliver guest speakers, live examples, interactive sessions and the Kauffman FastTracĀ® curriculum to people who want to examine the potential of their ideas.  IS IT EVEN POSSIBLE? is a 3-hour introductory workshop designed to help you assess your entrepreneurial traits and personal priorities that determine the eventual success of activating your idea.  This session is not just for someone who is thinking about starting their own business, but would include anyone wrestling with any kind of enterprising idea that needs germinating (taking root, and eventually producing fruit.)  If you represent a non-profit organization, an existing business that is need of a fresh reboot or if you are just an interested individual - this small investment of time may reap exponentially great rewards.  Cost for this event is $35/person ($25 for students & active -duty military) which includes a lunch.  Payment can be made at
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    November 12, 2018
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