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Thinking about starting a business in SW Florida? Got an idea and not sure how to develop it or bring it to market? Looking for seed funding? Here's your chance to startup FAST!

FAST is an acronym for Florida Accelerator for Startup Training. It's a new program sponsored by the SW Florida Enterprise Center, City of Fort Myers,, and many other local sponsors and supporters. FAST is a 9-week training program culminating in a 'Shark Tank' style pitch competition with cash and in-kind prizes valued at more than $25,000.

You don't have to give up your "day job" to explore entrepreneurship. You also don't need to be a Millennial. More people in their 40's and 50's are starting businesses today than are younger people. At FAST, we have a proven curriculum and an awesome group of successful entrepreneurs, investors, mentors and speakers to help you on your journey. It's time to start your dream company!

There will be nine sessions in all, staring on Jan 30 and running every Wednesday through Jan 20. The course culminates with the 'Pitch Event' on Tue, Jan 26. 

The first information and ideation session is FREE-OF-CHARGE to all who are thinking about taking the full course. Each session after that is $50, or $350 paid in advance for the entire course (SAVE $50). 

Participants can also join as founders or teams, meaning the cost can be split among all team members. However, only 2 team members may attend the in-person sessions, unless seats are available. Members of the team may rotate through the sessions. For example, the 'product leader' can attend the session on developing the product; the 'sales and market leader' can attend the session on go-to-market; the 'finance leader' can attend the session on financial projections and raising money, and so forth. All team members get access to the online course platform. 

Only participants or teams that attend at least 6 sessions are eligible to pitch at Session 9 and win cash awards upon completion of the course. Prizes are awarded based on the quality of the written go-to-market plan and the investor pitch. The written plan is 70% of the score and the pitch is 30% of the score. Every participant who completes the course will be eligible for in-kind prizes, regardless of score.  
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    February 06, 2019
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    February 06, 2019
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    March 26, 2019