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The Entrepreneur's Lab featuring Kauffman FastTrac M.A.Curfman Learning & Consulting

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The Entrepreneur’s Lab featuring Kauffman FastTrac® is an exciting hands-on program, designed to help entrepreneurs fine-tune the skills needed to create, manage and grow successful businesses.

The Entrepreneur’s Lab participants don't just learn about entrepreneurship and business; they experience it!  They work on their very own business ideas throughout the program—moving their ventures from ideas and concepts to reality or to new levels of growth and profitability.

The Entrepreneur’s Lab is a fast-paced 6-week session that features engaging online content focused on building a successful business venture, including researching funding options and completing a fully-developed business plan. In addition, each participant has online access to the comprehensive Kauffman FastTrac® content that will arm participants with the resources and confidence needed to create, to manage, and to grow their businesses. PLUS, each participant has access to the Kauffman FastTrac® Workspace. The Workspace includes tools where each participant builds their Business Plan, Business Model Canvas, their Pitch, and Financial Forecasts.

The Entrepreneur’s Lab featuring Kauffman FastTrac®  is taught and facilitated by highly experienced entrepreneurs who have decades of experience in formulating and operating successful business ventures. The Entrepreneur’s Lab will also feature guest speakers throughout the seven weeks to share specific areas of expertise.

The Entrepreneur’s Lab featuring Kauffman FastTrac® is a 6-week program beginning on November 11th and ending on December 19th. The sessions will be held online (via Zoom) on Monday and Thursday evenings from 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM.

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    February 24, 2020
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    February 27, 2020
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    April 02, 2020