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FasterWV Entrepreneurship Course BridgeValley Community & Technical College

Enrollment for this course has closed
You have an idea for a business. Now what?

In collaboration with FASTER WV, an entrepreneurship program of Advantage Valley and the Greater Kanawha Valley Foundation, BridgeValley is offering Kauffman FastTrac®, a flexible course with a solid framework to support founders when starting a business and beginning a journey to success. This immersive course is designed to provide information, tips, exercises, and tools to make business ideas concrete. The modules in this course are Ideate, Position, Commit, Refi ne, Financing, and Launch.

Kauffman FastTrac® aims to lower the barriers to entrepreneurship by providing practical learning materials, delivered online and with the help of an experienced facilitator, to entrepreneurs. In doing so, FastTrac® encourages and equips more people to start businesses, contributing to increased startup activity nationwide. The new FastTrac® offering removes the travel barriers for aspiring entrepreneurs who want to learn at their own pace and online. FastTrac® participants learn how to evaluate their ideas, position their businesses around target customers, refi ne their companies based on personal and professional goals and ultimately, launch their business. Through an immersive online course, participants have access to planning tips and exercises, including lessons on how to:
• Discover how your business concept matches your personal vision.
• Align your business concept with a real market opportunity.
• Find your target market and discover your competitive advantage.
• Determine the unique features and benefi ts of your product/service.
• Set realistic fi nancial goals for your business.
• Defi ne your company’s brand and marketing.
• Manage business functions and develop an organizational culture.
• Determine the steps to profi tability.
• Identify potential sources of funding for your business.
• Launch your business.

Students should spend 5-7 hours per week in the online course shell and also be prepared to ask questions of the instructor/guest speakers. Attendance and participation in all classes are required through teleconferencing There is a vast amount of information to learn and topics will not be repeated.

COST: $307
Scholarships may be available courtesy of Advantage Valley’s FASTER WV Initiative and The Greater Kanawha Valley Foundation.

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    March 04, 2021
  4. Enrollment Close Date

    March 11, 2021
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    April 22, 2021