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IIMD’s Startup Accelerator Program The International Institute of Metropolitan Detroit

Enrollment for this course has closed
Transform your passion into a thriving business. In collaboration with City Detroit, Mayoral Office of Immigrant Affairs & Economic Inclusion Housing & Revitalization, the International Institute of Metropolitan Detroit’s entrepreneurship program is offering Kauffman FastTrac®, a flexible course with a solid framework to support entrepreneurs when starting a business and beginning a journey to success. This immersive course is designed to provide information, tips, exercises, and tools to make business ideas concrete. The modules in this course are Ideate, Position, Commit, Refine, Financing, and Launch.

In this 10-week online program, aspiring and early stage entrepreneurs will develop and refine a business concept, taking it through each step of the business planning process. Through readings, research, and discussion, participants will plan and analyze their entrepreneurial vision by creating a thoroughly researched and tested Business Plan.

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  2. Location

    Detroit, MI
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  4. Start Date

    April 21, 2021
  5. Enrollment Close Date

    April 14, 2021
  6. End Date

    June 23, 2021